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class Requests_Response_Headers extends Requests_Utility_CaseInsensitiveDictionary { /** * Get the given header * * Unlike {@see self::getValues()}, this returns a string. If there are * multiple values, it concatenates them with a comma as per RFC2616. * * Avoid using this where commas may be used unquoted in values, such as * Set-Cookie headers. * * @param string $key * @return string Header value */ public function offsetGet($key) { $key = strtolower($key); if (!isset($this->data[$key])) { return null; } return $this->flatten($this->data[$key]); } /** * Set the given item * * @throws Requests_Exception On attempting to use dictionary as list (`invalidset`) * * @param string $key Item name * @param string $value Item value */ public function offsetSet($key, $value) { if ($key === null) { throw new Requests_Exception('Object is a dictionary, not a list', 'invalidset'); } $key = strtolower($key); if (!isset($this->data[$key])) { $this->data[$key] = array(); } $this->data[$key][] = $value; } /** * Get all values for a given header * * @param string $key * @return array Header values */ public function getValues($key) { $key = strtolower($key); if (!isset($this->data[$key])) { return null; } return $this->data[$key]; } /** * Flattens a value into a string * * Converts an array into a string by imploding values with a comma, as per * RFC2616's rules for folding headers. * * @param string|array $value Value to flatten * @return string Flattened value */ public function flatten($value) { if (is_array($value)) { $value = implode(',', $value); } return $value; } /** * Get an iterator for the data * * Converts the internal * @return ArrayIterator */ public function getIterator() { return new Requests_Utility_FilteredIterator($this->data, array($this, 'flatten')); } }
Fatal error: Class 'Requests_Response_Headers' not found in /home/frida/public_html/wp-includes/Requests/Response.php on line 20